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Categories for the Collection of Personal Information
You can freely get access to most contents on the Internet site of HAESUNG AIDA without going through any particular procedure for the registration of membership. If you want to use the bulletin board, you need to input the following information. Even if you do not input the necessary information for selective categories, you will not experience any difficulty regarding your using our services.

*Range for the Collection of Personal Information
- Essential Categories: Name, E-mail Address

Objectives and Purposes for the Collection of Personal Information
① HAESUNG AIDA collects your personal information for the following objectives.
- Name, E-mail Address, Telephone Number: To be used for the personal identification process required for the usage of the bulletin service
- E-mail Address, Telephone Number: To be used for the delivery of notices, the personal identification process and the settlement of complaints regarding the establishment of an active communication channel
② We are not collecting any sensitive personal information which could cause the violation of your basic human rights, including the information regarding your race, ethnic background, ideology, belief, political tendency and criminal records.

Period for the Possession and Use of Personal Information
HAESUNG AIDA possesses your personal information during the period following your inquiry regarding our products and customer services until you let us know about your will to delete such information. Also, when you show your intention to delete your information to us, we delete it permanently in the way that will make it impossible for us to reproduce it later. (When your information is provided to any third party, we make that party delete it immediately.)
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